UNSUNG beauty: THE aurora collection

Handcrafted in Italy, each Auror dress is created with only the finest materials and outmost detail to composition. Moulded first in canvas, each piece is unique in its creation.Cut and constructed using traditional Italian tailoring making process; Each layer expertly placed and structured on mould, so that every flare, shape and seam is as perfect as it is unique



Beadings, lace, crystals, pearls, flowers, appliqu├ęs and layers and layers of silk in all its shapes and glory. View our spring gallery




ethereal wedding

Mirroring a dream, a fantasy,

an exquisite vision, delicate and unique in its own being..

An ethereal beauty, carefully curated and created in our atelier.

Bringing to life, a mesmerising vision into a striking reality.

A true reminder that couture is an art, an ethereal moment captured

in time by the unique spirit it was created for.